Ford Fiesta s1600 for Sale

We are selling ex-works Ford Fiesta s1600 that Andris Dambis was participating with in the Latvian rally championship during 2007 and 2008. The car is in a race-ready condition and comes with a lot of spare parts. Read more about the car and the available spare parts.

Photo credits: photo agency 4rati

Hello from the frozen Northern Europe

Kaspars and Andris Dambis in front of the workshop

Here we go — from now on this will be our virtual garage and tavern where to meet all of you who have passion for racing and engineering. In fact, everyone who finds design, engineering and problem solving exciting.

We believe in sharing knowledge for the greater benefit of everyone. We don’t have engineering secrets and we’ll show you everything if you approach us. We believe that doing business means creating value that can be built upon. Read more »