Hello from the frozen Northern Europe

Kaspars and Andris Dambis in front of the workshop

Here we go — from now on this will be our virtual garage and tavern where to meet all of you who have passion for racing and engineering. In fact, everyone who finds design, engineering and problem solving exciting.

We believe in sharing knowledge for the greater benefit of everyone. We don’t have engineering secrets and we’ll show you everything if you approach us. We believe that doing business means creating value that can be built upon.

Luckily there is the web — accessible and open to everyone, and we are eager to be a part of this community.

Who are We

We are a small team of around ten autosport professionals who enjoy designing and building racecars.

Our company name is OSC which stands for Ogres servisa centrs (in Latvian). It was founded and is run by Andris Dambis who has been competing in and building racecars for autocross, rally, rally-raid and eco-rally since 1983. It is very likely that you know us because of OSCar — the off-road racecar designed by Andris in 2002 that has finished in every Dakar since then.

My name is Kaspars and together with my younger brother Kristaps we have spent time around the garage as long as we can remember. We are really excited to be part of this family venture which we are now taking online.

What’s on the Menu

This website is to be the central hub of all our racing and engineering activity. We are also going to host a weekly video podcast with advice on racecar engineering, race driving and tips on how to be a better driver on the road.

To keep in touch, you can subscribe to our RSS feed and follow Kaspars’ on Twitter.

This is a really exciting time for us and we hope you’ll enjoy co-driving.